#askme: Tips for the Personal Trainer

Q. I want to be a personal trainer but don't know where to start.

The healthy lifestyle is definitely trending and everyday people are looking for someone to help them on their journey. Unfortunately, this has created a lot of competition, and it doesn't help that social media can make anyone look like a personal trainer with a few muscle pics and shots of salads. So, before even beginning to look for clients I would encourage you to get your certification to help establish your credibility. It looks good when people ask about your experience and you can let them know you're certified. Now, lets talk about getting clients!

1. Find Your Niche
While everyone can benefit from a healthier lifestyle, it doesn't mean you need to start off trying to serve everyone. Ask yourself if you had a gym full of people ready for your trainer who would they be? The older woman who wants to get in shape for health reasons? Teenagers who are training for sports? Or men and women whose goals are to become body builders? Once you figure out exactly who you want to train, it will be easier to create a social media strategy and other marketing materials.

2. Differentiate Yourself
I have been telling myself I'm going to get in shape for....I don't know how many years. I realized that I'm not a fan of going to the gym to get on the same treadmill and elliptical and I definitely can't motivate myself to do more than 10 pushups. I would rather do something fun and exciting that helps me lose weight. So I would encourage you to consider what activities you enjoy doing and figure out how to create a work out around it. 

3. Show Off
Being a personal trainer is all about results, so don't be shy to take selfies and mirror pics showing off your muscles! When you're working out bring a friend to film you and post it on Snapchat and Instagram. Train your family and friends for free, and in return the only thing they have to provide is before and after pics and a testimonial. Know your worth, but understand that you won't be able to start off charging $300 an hour!

Ashleigh Nails