The Do's and Don'ts To Creating Valuable Content

How many times have you been scrolling your Facebook timeline and you run across an ad for a webinar, or program that promised phenomenal results? You know the kind I'm talking about, where in bold letters you're told you'll improve your traffic by 10,000 views in a month, or become a 6 figure business owner in no time. Like any other ambitious entrepreneur would, I’m guessing you registered for the webinar smiling from ear to ear, excited at the idea that you were about to be given top secret information to success. However, to your surprise you left the webinar with absolutely NO information that was of any value, because the host did one of the following:

  • Spent most of the time telling you about their success and accomplishments, and ended it saying you need to pay for some type of session or program to get those "inside secrets” 
  • Gave you a bunch of fluff or what I consider to be common sense

When you sign up for any webinar or click to read a post, you expect to hear more than how the host became successful from working hard and never quitting, creating a list of goals, or learning to manage their time effectively. I'm pretty sure, you know that already! You want the juicy details on how they became successful; the exact steps they took to grow their traffic, make 6 figures, or build their brand, so you can begin using them today. Am I right?

As you’re reading this, if memories begin to surface of a time when you experienced something similar to this, I want you to remember it. Not to get angry and vent about in the comments, but as an example of what not to do. Whether you’re creating a blog post, webinar, or e-course it’s absolutely critical that you provide your audience with valuable content.


My definition of valuable content is information that leaves your audience feeling as though they have learned something new or that has sparked something inside them that inspires them to take action. It is advice and information that is given from a fresh and new perspective; it is not a repeat of advice they've heard dozens of times by others in the industry. Although it may be more time consuming, one of the greatest benefits of creating valuable content is that it establishes you as an expert and helps turn potential leads into future clients.

With a webinar or program that has awesome information and tips, you give your audience a reason to begin or continue to work with you without having to make a sales pitch. Because you have given them such great strategies, tips, or solutions they now want to take the next step in your sales funnel, or hire you to implement what you've taught because you’ve showed them  that you know what you’re doing.

“But everyone says, you only give a little taste, not the full course meal!”

I know you may be worried that if you give away too much knowledge you'll sabotage yourself because your audience will walk away with everything they need to know and won’t utilize your services. However, remember that those who walk away satisfied are not your ideal client and although they may not purchase your services or products, they will now see you as an expert and someone they trust. And this trust will have them coming back whether it's to read your latest post or register for your new course. These are also the people who will spread the word not only about who you are but how AMAZING you are. (So it’s not a total lost!)